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Automate your contract generation

Give your team a fast, simple way to create and deliver contracts online with Formstack’s contract automation software.

Create contracts in minutes

A streamlined contract automation process will help your team save time and create stronger client relationships. Use Formstack Documents to simplify your contract workflows so you can spend less time on manual data entry and more time with your clients. Easily generate custom contracts with data from Salesforce or other third-party sources, send them out for signature, and much more .

Save time with seamless contract generation

Formstack’s contract generation software is packed with features to help you automate the creation of custom contracts and get them signed and delivered quickly.
Avoid data entry errors
Avoid data entry errors

Easily create custom templates for recurring contract automation to help your team avoid duplicate efforts and data errors.

Populate files in seconds
Populate files in seconds

Pull data from online forms, Salesforce records, or dozens of third-party apps to automate the creation of unique contracts.

Share documents anywhere
Share documents anywhere

Deliver contracts to customers and employees with the help of data routing and automated deliveries via apps like Formstack Sign.

Avoid data entry errors
Create dynamic contracts

Create a more personalized and seamless customer experience with the help of conditional logic, pictures, and more.

Automate your process
Automate your process

Automatically generate contracts through triggers such as the creation of new Salesforce records and changes in project status.

Keep contracts secure
Keep contracts secure

Easily protect client contracts with powerful security features, including password protection, encryption, and HIPAA compliance.

Streamline your contract workflows

Formstack makes it easy to simplify contract generation. Here’s an example of a workflow that can help you save time and create a better client experience.

Todd wants to help his sales team streamline their customer lifecycle process in Salesforce. The team struggles with paper and wants to create an easy process that automates the creation of contracts when deals are moved to closed/won.


The team is already using Formstack for Salesforce to collect customer data and generate records in Salesforce. To automate his team’s contract generation, Todd adds Formstack Documents to the workflow so contracts will be created when a status is moved to closed/won.


With the help of Formstack Sign, the generated contracts are delivered to customers for signature and attached to their respective Salesforce records. To ensure only signed documents are sent back to Salesforce, Todd enables the delayed deliveries feature. And with that, Todd’s team now has a complete workflow!


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