Automating the Expense Reimbursement Process

Learn how this montessori school transformed their school expense reimbursement process with Formstack.


Admins were spending countless hours sorting through receipts manually sent in by staff. Each receipt had to be hand-coded, and many were rejected due to missing information. It was all paper-based, leading to a slow, inefficient, and inconvenient process.


The school created a fully digital reimbursement process that accepts photos of multiple receipts at once. Using Forms Workflows, the employee’s director approves the submission before it is sent to finance. An automated email is sent to the submitter once the reimbursement is approved or denied. Final PDF documentation and data is transferred to Dropbox and Google Sheets for easy tracking, storing, and archiving.

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Saved money

Eliminated need for an additional administrative assistant

Optimized for mobile

Allowed for reimbursement requests to be made from a phone, computer, or desktop

Improved customer experience

Expanded submission window beyond traditional business hours

Eliminated manual work

Replaced paper checks with direct deposit and improved tracking of receipts

Video Transcript

Founded in 1975, the Bergamo Montessori School is the oldest Montessori school in the Sacramento region and educates 500 students between the ages of 3 months and 12 years.
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Office Administration - Expense Reimbursement